Radio Addenbrooke’s is always pleased to hear from new volunteers who would like to help us expand and improve our service. There are various positions available at the station including Radio Presenters, Request Collectors/Ward Visitors, Librarians and Technicians. We are particularly interested in people who communicate well with people of all ages and feel that they would enjoy speaking with patients. Any journalistic, presentational or technical skills would also be extremely useful but experience in these areas are not prerequisite.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers, who are able to give varying amounts of time to the organisation in a variety of roles. You do not need any previous experience to join us, as training is available to enable anyone to contribute in some way to the services provided.

We enjoy broadcasting entertaining and interesting programmes for our listeners, and want them to enjoy broadcasts that are personalised for them. It is very rewarding, and we know it can help make a stay in Addenbrooke’s Hospital a little more pleasant.

Patients listen in via headsets at their bedside from their bedside Hospedia TV screen. Patients are able to receive certain major stations, these include BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Radio Addenbrooke’s.

so ...

Are you 18 years and over?
Are you comfortable in holding a conversation with patients/people of all ages?
Are you happy with the ‘atmosphere’ of a hospital?

Can you commit to the following?

  1. Volunteer for Radio Addenbrooke’s for at least 12 months?
  2. Attend a training session once a week for one hour for a period of approximately one month?
  3. Attend regularly on a weekly basis?
  4. Attend at least one Radio Addenbrooke's Team Meeting a year?

If you are unable to commit to all of the above, we thank you for your interest in the station but please do not continue with the application process.

Types of Roles on offer at Radio Addenbrooke’s

All Radio Addenbrooke’s Volunteer will have the opportunity to become involved in all or part of any aspect of hospital radio.

Ward Visitor

We are always looking for warm friendly people with good communication skills who are prepared to spend time explaining to patients what hospital radio has to offer. Patients often need help navigating their way around their own bedside TV monitor. The Ward Visitor will help fulfill this very important role.

  • Full training and support will be given
  • Collect requests for hospital radio from patients on the ward and give out headphones provided by Hospedia
  • Work with our Record Requests presenters who broadcast during the day
  • Ward Visitors can also take up broadcasting opportunities too
  • Participate in fundraising activities for the radio
  • Help out with publicity and events

Presenter/Broadcaster and Broadcast Assistant

We certainly welcome applicants with both experience and no experience. Full training will be given though. As with Ward Visitors, the role of Presenter/Broadcaster and Broadcast Assistant, will again require volunteers who are warm friendly people with good communication skills who are prepared to spend time explaining to patients what hospital radio has to offer. Patients often need help navigating their way around their own bedside TV monitor.

These two volunteering roles for Radio Addenbrooke's will commence by collecting radio requests from patients on the wards and after suitable training has been completed, volunteers will then be able to help with the running of the radio shows and become either a Presenter or a Broadcast Assistant. Please also note that both these roles will still require collection of requests from patients if no Ward Visitor is present for their radio show.

Technical/Computing expertise

Anyone with technical knowledge may be able to help maintain equipment.

Pre-recorded interviews

Do you enjoy recording (brief) interviews either with patients/staff or other relevant and interesting interviewees, which might be of interest to patients and prepare for broadcasting later? (Training would be given)

Music Librarian - Data input

Music Buyer

The role could be part of the Music Librarian role.

How to apply

Please read GDPR Policy Part 2 before proceeding to apply

GDPR Policy Part 2
GDPR Policy Part 1

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer at Radio Addenbrooke's please enter your details using the online form here.
Please note that this form is only used to register your interest in Radio Addenbrooke's and does not form part of the Addenbrooke's Volunteering application process. Upon receipt of your application to us we will contact you (usually within a week) giving more detailed instructions on how to apply via Addenbrooke’s Hospital Voluntary Services website.

Getting Started at Radio Addenbrooke’s

We look forward to receiving your application.
Once all the above necessary processes have been completed, Radio Addenbrooke’s will invite you to the studio to an induction session followed by a training schedule.
We wish you all the best with your application to join us at Radio Addenbrooke’s.