About Us

What is the aim of hospital radio?

We want to make patients’ stay in hospital as comfortable and pleasant as possible. No one really wants to be in hospital, but if we can provide a welcome distraction and bring a smile to a few faces then we have achieved our aim.

What types of show are broadcast on Radio Addenbrooke’s?

Most shows are music-based, but we also like to involve patients as much as possible through quizzes, interviews, etc. All shows are put together with the patients’ tastes in mind. Many shows are request shows, where the patients choose the music that we play.

This results in a wide range of music – probably more varied than the selection any commercial station plays. The most popular artists/composers include Mozart, ABBA, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, Daniel O’Donnell and Robbie Williams.

How do you tune in to Radio Addenbrooke’s?

Shows are broadcast exclusively on the internal Hospedia system, which most patients have by their bed. The radio service is free, and you will find us on Channel 5.

How can someone request a piece of music?

Patients can contact us free of charge. Lift the Hospedia telephone handset (on LHS of unit), when screen changes, touch top BLUE rectangle marked 'HOSPITAL RADIO'

We also visit several wards each day to collect requests. However, due to the size of the hospital, we are only able to visit each ward once a week on average.